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Splendor Dubai

United Arab Emirates comprises of seven emirates and Dubai is the commercial capital of it. Five decades back discovery of Black Gold (Crude Oil/Petroleum) made pearl divers and fishermen community of this desert land transform into a magical and mesmerizing city with architectural wonders and skyscrapers of today. While natives constitute 5% of population, remaining are all from other countries of the world, so aptly Dubai called Global Village.

Splendor of Dubai FAM trip brings to you the highlights of Dubai, the most happening modern city of middle-east !

A specially desinged tour for travel fraternity from around the world to savour the highlights of this Emirate city. 4 nights / 5 days tour plan starting from as low as US$ 399 per person including 5-star hotel with breakfast, dinners, activities and so much more... 


Travel companions (non-travel fraternity) are welcome !


Extension tours to India, Nepal, Maldives and Sri Lanka available.

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