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Dubai Expo

Dubai Expo, first ever biggest show on earth, once in five year opportunity. 192 countries pavilions, Offering cutting-edge technology, visually striking architecture, cultural programs, and a wide range of interactive exhibitions, Dubai Expo 2021-22 brings together all the progressive thoughts of the world in one place.


From light-fasting technology to green initiatives, this world expo presents extraordinary opportunities to promise a bright and better future. With 192 countries’ pavilions, events, attractions, and mind-blown experiences, the expo in Dubai is a platform that inspires the world for sustainability, opportunity, and mobility.

Dubai Expo trip !

A specially desinged tour for travel fraternity from around the world to savour the highlights of this Emirate city. 4 nights / 5 days tour plan starting from as low as US$ 399 per person including 5-star hotel with breakfast, dinners, activities and so much more... 


Travel companions (non-travel fraternity) are welcome !


Extension tours to India, Nepal, Maldives and Sri Lanka available.

Book your flights, apply for a UAE tourist visa and pack your bags!

What are you waiting for? Time to be back on holidays and enjoy !

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